Pays de Mirepoix Riders' Association, Association loi 1901

Joining PaMiRA

Membership Types

Subscriptions run from January 1st each year, with pro-rata memberships available to anyone joining later in the year. The following membership types are available:

Type Description Cost (Euros)
Individual rider
20 per annum
Individual non-rider
10 per annum
30 per annum
Temporary For non-members who want to take part in a single event. 5 per day

What do I get if I join?

Anyone can come along to a Pamira event, paying the temporary membership fee per person, but this quickly adds up so for a family or if you're likely to come to more than two or three events, it's cheaper to become a member.

Full members have access to the members-only section of this site which has maps of routes and circuits, details of our extensive library of horse books and DVDs, back issues of our newsletter and other documents and useful links to horse professionals and suppliers in the area. But most importantly, members are part of the PaMiRA family - the club is here to share our knowledge & experience and to help one another with horsey things. As we're in France 'how on earth do I go about x here?' is a common question and with several hundred years of horse experience across the group, there's not much we can't resolve!

New members

If you would like to find out more about the association or become a member then please contact Jacqueline Haskell on +33 (0)5 61 64 19 52.