Pays de Mirepoix Riders' Association, Association loi 1901

About PaMiRA


PaMiRA is an Anglophone riders' association which aims to encourage and share all forms of equestrian activity within the context of leisure riding. The association is open to riders and non-riders alike. The common aim is a passion for all things equestrian.


The group came about when several horse lovers got their heads together and found one or two more likely candidates, which led to (shock horror!) an official meeting, allocation of roles and registration as an official association! Over time, new members were found in a variety of ways, by crossing of paths, word of mouth and publicity efforts. One or two have left the group, the area or even the country and the stalwarts remain to keep plugging this close and supportive group!


PaMiRA organises a wide range of events open to all members, including:

  • group rides
  • jumping lessons
  • cross country
  • polework and gridwork lessons
  • social events
  • an annual "Fun Day"
  • visits to horse races
  • and many more

You'll find a full list of forthcoming events on our Events page, along with write-ups of selected highlights. There are also many pictures of PaMiRA events on our Photo Gallery page.

Where is the Pays de Mirepoix?

"Pays de Mirepoix" refers to the area centered on the medieval town of Mirepoix, which is to be found in the north-eastern corner of the Ariege department, Midi-Pyrenees region, France.

The area is mostly rural with rolling hills and a rich choice of riding locations and routes, most offering gorgeous views of the nearby Pyrenees mountains.